Character creation

Characters will be created in cooperation between organisers and players. This document will explain the character creation process.

A few weeks after the sign up each player receives a half page character concept based on their character preferences. Character concept loosely defines the role of that character in the game, giving some general character attributes, and two or three initial relationships to other characters from the time before the pandemic.

From here on players are free to start developing their character how they want. Organisers will help in this by providing a list of character development questions relevant to the game setting. Each player will have one designated organiser who will support in the process, for example helping in forming and developing relations to other characters. We use both email and Facebook for player communication, using Facebook is not mandatory however.

We will organise a full day character workshop in Helsinki before the game. The workshop will focus on character relations and developing the personalities and backgrounds of the characters. The workshop is an integral part of the game, but we can accept a few players who cannot participate in that.

After the workshop there will still be some time to work on the characters. Organisers will add final parts such as possible meta instructions two weeks before the game at the latest. We believe that a character is never finished until the larp is over, so feel free to come up with more content for your character also during the game if you think it would make your story better. If these changes affect other characters it is of course important to discuss with the players about them.