“What does it mean that one should avoid army gear in the larp? Can one use e.g. combat boots?”

The character are normal people living in Finland, who just happened to survive the pandemic. Thus the variety of clothing should reflect the variety of different characters. The aim is not to look like a post apocalyptic soldier group. Individual army gear can be used – is it something you’d use in normal life? If yes, it’s likely fine. Combat boots, for example, may be a practical choice for many characters who know that they are not likely to get new boots very soon. If a player has a lot of army gear they would like to use, this can be written to the background of the character through consultation with the game organizers. Mess kit or a army mug is more likely to be suitable for the game than a rifle replica or a gas mask.

“How does larping the post-pandemic world reflect to practical matters such as personal hygiene?”

There is no electricity in-game, so also no tap water. The game site is by a lake, so everyone will have the opportunity to wash. Drinking water will also be supplied. Should someone not want to go to the sauna they can still use the facility to wash. Your character might well have a toothbrush in post-apocalyptic world, it has been less than a year after all. No electric toothbrushes though. Sleeping is in fire heated or cold rooms. The game site supplies mattresses, bring your own sleeping bag or equivalent (+ bedlinens), the characters travel in-game with all their worldly possessions. If you’re in the camping group, bring also a travel mattress for personal comfort.

“Is it possible to wash oneself, if one doesn’t want to go to sauna?”

See above. The players who don’t go to sauna will also have opportunity to wash during the game.

“Do you need to have your own tent if you want to go overnight camping?”

If you own a tent and want to use it if you’re in the camping group, please contact the GMs. We’ll be using civilian tents and if you want to help us by supplying your own, we’ll welcome it.

“Does my game experience suffer, if don’t want to stay in a tent overnight?”

No, it won’t. Only some of the chacacters will spend the first night in a tent. Both groups will arrive ingame and have a full game, although the campers’ game will include more walking (and overnighting outdoors).

“What are the NPCs? Do I have to take them into account when creating my character?”

Every character has at least one NPC contact from the past. The character concept includes the generic form of the relationship (e.g. partner or friend, depending on your desired themes and contact players), which will be developed further in the pre-game workshop and online. Co-players and GMs will participate in character development.